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At Advanced Care Partners, your family is our family.

We’ve made it our mission to provide the highest quality of care to our patients and their families. That’s why we’re committed to hand-selecting the perfect caregiver for each patient from our network of family care partners. We treat and care for your loved ones as if they were our own, going above and beyond in all aspects of service. Every day, we strive to uphold our values of commitment, kindness, thoughtfulness, and perseverance, as they are instrumental to making a difference in the lives of the medically fragile families who we have the honor and privilege to serve.

Why ACP?

Our Services

From the start, Advanced Care Partners has focused on providing patients with exceptional nursing care and outstanding customer service. Our services are centered around your loved ones and their needs, and are administered by the best caregivers in the industry. That way, as your family care partners, we can ensure all families are well-served with the level of care they deserve.

With ACP, you are never just a number — you are part of our family — which means we are committed to caring for your loved ones as if they were our own. What’s more, our services are covered by Medicaid or private insurance and we are available 24/7 to assist with whatever you need.

Enabling Families to Be Families

As your family care partners, we provide pediatric nursing care and personal care support services to medically complex children in the comfort of their homes or schools.

Signing up for in-home care services with a provider that understands your needs is vital. Our experienced pediatric caregivers are committed to keeping your family together by providing hope, freedom, and quality care while building relationships that will last a lifetime.

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Lifelong Family Care Partners

Advanced Care Partners was born as a pediatric home care company. We quickly realized, however, that as our kiddos started to age out of our pediatric programs, they had nowhere to go. Continuity of care is essential to ensure the best clinical outcomes, and so we decided to offer care into adulthood as a provider of Medicaid programs that serve adults.

Today, we provide nursing care and personal care support to our medically complex adult patients, and we are proud to say that we can now be partners for a lifetime.

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The Best Family Care
Partners at ACP

From our nurses to our certified nursing assistants, our caregivers are eager to make a positive difference in our patients’ lives. For over a decade, our reputation in the industry has remained impeccable as our family culture is truly unique. Our caregivers are hand-picked because of their commitment to excellence and devotion to our mission. That’s why they feel like part of the family.

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The Highest Quality of Care in a Safe Environment

Open six days a week, ACP and our caring team of pediatric professionals provide the highest quality of care to medically complex children who can’t attend a regular daycare. Our beautifully scenic PPEC center was designed to transport children on a magical journey around the world experiencing new cultures with our mascot, the Emperor Penguin, as their guide.

At the ACP PPEC, we celebrate our world’s diversity, brilliance, and the wonder that makes life so special. Our goal is to provide a safe, caring, and comprehensive plan of care in an environment that allows our children to have fun, grow, and develop.

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What Our Families Say

MelissaChristopher’s mom

Trinita has been my son Christopher’s nurse since he started with the company. She treats him as if he is hers. I love having her to work with him daily and I never worry if I have to leave. She is now a part of our family

GwenPatient's mom

ACP is the BEST home care company to work with. I have been with them for years and wouldn’t change anything. They care so much about the kids, the individuals, their families, and their staff.

PamAnna's mom

I appreciate ACP. I appreciate that when a conflict requires tough decisions, they choose to meet the needs of their patients. ACP is different from the rest. We want to have their staff for many, many years to come. Thank you for all you mean to my family.

ChristineTatiana’s mom

Abigail has been with us for a couple of years almost two years and her star qualities always shine through in the care she provides for our daughter, Tatiana. Abigail always comes to work with extreme professionalism and a warm smile, not to mention her exemplary nursing skills. She is very compassionate, conscientious, and a knowledgeable nurse caregiver. We are grateful for each and everydday to ACP for sending us such a kind nurse who is truly a perfect fit for our family and circumstances. Abigail is truly a Godsend!

JosephRegistered Nurse

"I love how ACP puts the patients first. The flexible hours allow us time to make sure our patients are a right fit, without compromising care. My goal is to always ensure my patients receive quality care and working with ACP has helped me deliver that. Orientation was the best and such a smooth transition. I’m really glad I work for this company!

Our Caregiver of the Month

First Name, Last Name

Caregiver of the Month - November 2020

“I would like everyone to know how much I appreciate Niesha! She does not think twice when it comes to help Christian and our family. She is an amazing advocate for her patients and is surely the most caring and committed. Niesha always puts herself in the shoes of the parents she service and understands what it takes to depend on a nurse or not to have coverage when needed the most. Thank you Niesha, for everything you do!” – Mandy, mother of Niesha’s patient

First Name, Last Name

Caregiver of the Month - October 2020

“Carlton is the man. He is always reliable, dependable and treats us like family! I’m not surprised he’s the caregiver of the month. No one deserves this recongition more. We love him.” – Jeaunett, Mother of Carlton’s patient

First Name, Last Name

Caregiver of the Month - September 2020

“I don’t know where to begin. Crystal is a VERY hard worker. She has been with Leaunt’a since he was baby and he is 7 years old now. She always help us by being very flexible with our schedule. She does so much and is unique. She is full of energy, constantly has a smile on her face and she loves her Leaunt’a! I couldn’t even ask or think of a better nurse. I am so proud of you, Crystal.” – Patient’s grandmother

First Name, Last Name

Caregiver of the Month - August 2020

“JoeAnn takes amazing care of her kiddos and she truly cares about what’s best for them” – Erin Smith. JoeAnn has been a part of our ACP family since 2015. During this period she has won the affection of all the families that has worked with and they would simply love her care, commitment, and performance.

First Name, Last Name

Caregiver of the Month - July 2020

“Cameka came to us when our child had just transition home from the hospital; right at the beginning of COVID-19. We truly believe that our success in the home has a large part to do with Cameka as she supported two new parents, with her brilliant care of their tech-dependent child. We are extremely grateful for Cameka’s expertise!” – Lucille, Londyn’s mom

First Name, Last Name

Caregiver of the Month - June 2020

Barbara has been part of our ACP for almost 8 years! We are forever grateful for all the commitment, support, and love that she has provided to all the patients and families she works with. We are proud to have so many spectacular caregivers like Barbara. Each caregiver is integral in our history and continued success. Thank you Barbara for everything you have done and continues to do for our ACP family.

First Name, Last Name

Caregiver of the Month - May 2020

“Abigail has been with us for almost two years and her star qualities always shines through in the care she provides for our daughter. She always comes to work with extreme professionalism and a warm smile, not to mention her exemplary nursing skills. We are grateful each and everyday to ACP for sending us such a kind nurse who is truly a perfect fit for our family circumstances. Abigail is truly a godsend!” – Mrs. Hill

First Name, Last Name

Caregiver of the Month - April 2020

“We are amazed by our caregiver Savannah. She is like a Godsend to our family. She goes above and beyond for Cristian and for us. Her focus is to help our son to learn and thrive. She absolutely loves Cristian and he loves her. Savannah has been such an amazing help to us during this crazy time of quarantine. Always putting Cristian’s needs first. She has thrived in helping us! We honestly don’t know what we would do without her. She is one of a kind! ” – Mrs. Denton

First Name, Last Name

Caregiver of the Month - March 2020

Eulissa was most deservedly named March’s Caregiver of the Month due to the outstanding commitment she had with her patient’s family during the COVID-19 quarantine. One of the family members needed to be tested for the COVID-19, but this did not prevent her to continue performing her excellent care towards her patient and the family. We are forever grateful for her bravery, commitment, and vigilance! We are only able to build our ACP family because of extraordinary caregivers like Eulissa.

First Name, Last Name

Caregiver of the Month - February 2020

“Carlos takes excellent care of his patients and is always willing to work! He really goes above and beyond, all around a great person!” – says Erin Smith, our Clinical Supervisor who works closely with Carlos and his patients. Thank you, Carlos, for everything you do!

First Name, Last Name

Caregiver of the Month - January 2020

We have the best caregivers in the whole world and Kareen is one of them! She has gone above and beyond this month with her patient care. The cases she’s currently staffing have seen a tremendous amount of improvement in all areas. We are grateful for your commitment and dedication!

First Name, Last Name

Caregiver of the Month - December 2020

"Vernette is a walking example of ABOVE and BEYOND! She is an amazing individual, excellent nurse, and a very hard worker. Vernette is currently servicing multiple cases and our families and patients love her! She is capable of placing her obstacles aside if it means to continue providing her clinical excellence to her patients." – ACP's Office Members

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