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The ACP Difference

As your family care partner, we will always put our patients and employees first.

Going ABOVE and BEYOND for Our Patients and Staff!

For over a decade, Advanced Care Partners has been Georgia’s premier home-care provider for the medically fragile community. We’ve made it our mission to provide the highest quality of care to our patients and their families. We are constantly striving to go ABOVE and BEYOND to uphold our values of commitment, kindness, thoughtfulness and perseverance, as they are instrumental to making a difference in the lives of the medically fragile families who we have the honor and privilege to serve.

Today, we have offices in Atlanta, GA and San Antonio, TX. We also offer prescribed pediatric extended care services in our daycare center located in Port Saint Lucie, FL. Read on to learn more about our principles, our mascot, and meet our team.

ACP Principles


Enabling Families to Be Families

Our home caregivers are committed to exceeding your expectations by always going the extra mile. Quality care means peace of mind for you to focus on what is of the utmost importance: being a family.


Professionally and Ethically Sound

We are committed to the highest standards of ethics, compliance, and integrity. We comply with all applicable federal and state laws, rules, and regulations. We align our actions and decisions with our mission and values to bring the best care to our patients and support to our staff.


Hard Right Over Easy Wrong

We are your advocates, and we recognize that the easy path is usually not the right one. That’s why we pursue the options that are best for you and your family — not necessarily what’s easiest for the business. 


Respectful Truth Over Artificial Harmony

We work hard to earn your trust by always being truthful, reliable, caring, and vigilant. At ACP, you can trust our commitment to serving you with integrity and respect. As your dedicated home care provider, we will always be there to fulfill our mission and lend a helping hand.


Do What You Say

We don’t just speak of accountability, we live it. At ACP, we hold each other to the highest standards because that’s what true home caregivers do. If we commit to something, you bet we will deliver it!

We’re Dedicated to Continuous Improvement

Every ACP caregiver is trained on our proprietary continuous improvement and patient safety program: Flawless Execution. This training teaches our staff to pay attention to even the littlest details, no matter what. In addition, every ACP caregiver completes comprehensive respiratory training as well as a series of competency, nursing and written exams before joining our team. We believe this extra investment helps us attract and retain the highest caliber nurses available today.

We are committed, caring, and vigilant — just like our mascot, the Emperor Penguin.

Meet Our Mascot

The Emperor Penguin

The Emperor Penguin lives in the most extreme environments of Antarctica and is one of the most committed and dedicated parents in the animal kingdom.

The family journey of emperor penguins begins when the mother lays a single egg, which is promptly transferred to the father for care. While the mother begins her long journey for food, the father, using his pouch, shields the egg from the harsh conditions and collaborates with the other fathers by forming a tight huddle to ensure the eggs are not exposed to the cold.

Upon the mothers’ return from her trip that can last up to two months, they encounter hundreds of fathers and newly hatched chicks. The mothers use their unique sound to communicate with and locate their families. The emperor penguin is the only animal that breeds in the frozen Antarctic winter, and through this incredible nursing process, this species continues to thrive.

The traits of the emperor penguin — the commitment, care, and vigilance they show their families — are the reasons why this majestic animal is not only our mascot but our inspiration, too.

ACP in Action


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