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FAQ’s – Staff

We know change can be challenging, but we want to reassure you that we are here to help. Please send any additional questions to [email protected] or call 404.835.3512

Why did ACP acquire Little Engine?

Little Engine shares many of the same core values, mission, and family culture as ACP. With this partnership, we will be able to provide additional opportunities and resources to our team and the families we serve in Texas.

Who is ACP?

We are a premier Atlanta-based homecare provider that specializes in high acuity care for medically complex pediatric patients. We believe that providing home care services is meaningful and has an incredible purpose. At ACP, your family is our family, and our commitment is to serve you by going above and beyond in everything we do.

For over ten years, ACP has established a strong reputation for the quality care it delivers to its patients while providing outstanding customer service to its families. Every day, we strive to uphold our values of commitment, kindness, thoughtfulness, and perseverance, so that we can make a true difference in the lives we have the honor to serve.

What is ACP’s mission statement?

ACP exudes clinical and operational excellence through the characteristics of its mascot, the Emperor Penguin: we are caring, committed, and vigilant.

What are ACP’s core values?

Care – Enabling Families to Be Families

We are committed to exceeding expectations by always going the extra mile. Quality care means peace of mind for the patients and their families so that they can focus on what is of the utmost importance: being a family.

Compliance – Professionally and Ethically Sound

We are committed to the highest standards of ethics, compliance, and integrity. We comply with all applicable federal and state laws, rules, and regulations. We align our actions and decisions with our mission and values to bring the best care to our patients and support to our staff.

Integrity – Hard Right Over Easy Wrong

We are the patient’s advocates, and we recognize that the easy path is usually not the right one. That’s why we pursue the options that are best for our patients and their family — not necessarily what’s easiest for the business.

Trust – Respectful Truth Over Artificial Harmony

We work hard to earn your trust by always being truthful, reliable, caring, and vigilant. At ACP, you can trust our commitment to serving you with integrity and respect so that you can help care for your patient with the highest level of care.

Accountability – Do What You Say

We don’t just speak of accountability, we live it. At ACP, we hold each other to the highest standards because that’s what true home caregivers do. If we commit to something, you bet we will deliver it!

What is ACP’s culture?

ACP’s culture is similar to Little Engine’s culture. We have a people-centric, family culture that is driven by our mission to help the medically fragile community while providing training and professional development opportunities for our staff.

What is the ACP mascot and why?

The Emperor Penguin lives in the most extreme environments of Antarctica and is one of the most committed and dedicated parents in the animal kingdom.

The traits of the emperor penguin — the commitment, care, and vigilance they show their families — are the reasons why this majestic animal is not only our mascot but our inspiration, too.

Will Little Engine’s name change?

Yes, over time we want to join both companies together under the Advanced Care Partners family.

How will I be affected?

You will have the opportunity to work for a leading home health company with enhanced opportunities throughout the company, enabling employees to further their careers by expanding roles, skill development, and increased leadership opportunities.

We will do our best to keep everyone informed, our intranet and newsletters will provide answers to questions in addition to frequent updates on how the integration is proceeding.

What does ACP need from me?

The success of our integration effort will be driven by how effectively our employees can work as one team with a strong commitment to serving our patients and caregivers to deliver great results.

We expect our new ACP family members to:

  • Make their decisions based on putting our patients and caregivers first
  • Be compassionate, committed, and caring toward our mission
  • Work as one team, listen and learn from each other
  • Be willing to learn and be developed by improving professional and personal skills set
  • Be empathetic; treat others with fairness, respect, and no discrimination
  • Be adaptable, change is inevitable, adapting quickly is crucial to success
  • Keep a positive attitude, be eager to contribute, take initiative

What benefits are there of ACP coming in?

We see many benefits coming from this partnership, together we will:

  • Implement new software to make charting easier and be more compliant
  • Provide support to the local team with recruiting more qualified caregivers and improve the staffing process
  • Provide state-of-the-art training to equip nurses with the right skills to care for your child with the best quality of care available. This training consists of:
    • A one-of-a-kind patient simulation lab equipped with a high-fidelity doll
    • Trach & Vent classes
    • CPR & CVL classes and skills check assessment

Who will lead the company going forward?

The existing team in San Antonio will continue to be led by Belinda Segura with the support of Nick Hinojosa. Additionally, the team will benefit from the support of the full leadership team in Atlanta Click here to get to know our headquarters team. Click here to get to know our headquarters team.

Where will be the companied company headquarters?

ACP is headquartered in Atlanta, GA  – 3525 Piedmont Rd NE Suite 620 Bldg 5, Atlanta, GA 30305

Will the services we provide change?

The services we offer today to our patients will not change. You may find that our team becomes more efficient, as new processes are implemented. Our mission to provide the highest-level care to our medically fragile patients and always put our people first remains unchanged.

Will the office move or change location?

The San Antonio office will not change location for the foreseeable future.

Will the phone number change?

No. The office phone number will stay the same. You can also reach our corporate team by calling 404.835.3512. If you have any questions or concerns you can email us directly at [email protected].

What do we tell our patients and their families?

Our team will reach out to each family individually to let them know about the partnership. Your patients and their families will be also notified of the change via email, and they will be able to access their own FAQ page. You can tell them that the transaction represents a highly attractive proposition for them and that we will not miss a beat delivering on our commitment to care and serve them.

What do we tell hospital case managers, referral sources, etc.?

You say that ACP, a premier PDN provider in GA and FL has partnered with you to enhance your clinical care and services. You should share the excitement of this change with them.

Will my employment change?

Your employment should not be affected by this change. You will not have to re-apply for your position and your level of seniority will remain the same. We aim to improve the support you are currently receiving and provide more resources and training so that it is easier and more satisfying to do your work.

Will I have to take a drug screening/have a new background check?

Though we require a no-tolerance, drug-free workplace. All existing active staff will not be required to take a drug screening or redo their background check. We expect to implement the requirement of taking drug screening for new employees at the time of hire.

Who will I report to?

If you are a nurse or clinician, you will continue to report to Belinda Segura, the local DON/Administrator. If you are in Operations (non-clinical positions), you will report to Nick Hinojosa, ACP’s Director of Operations. Any role related to finance, payroll, A/R, and A/P will report to ACP’s CFO, Matt Collins.

Will my role and responsibilities change?

ACP and its Director of Operations may review the roles and responsibilities of employees to better streamline processes and efficiencies. Any changes made to an employee’s responsibilities will be in collaboration with the employee.

Who can I call if I have a question about…

Payroll – Cindy Hawkins, Controller – 210.692.0222

Clinical – Belinda Segura, DON/Administrator – 210.692.0222

Scheduling – The local Client Services Supervisor – 210.692.0222

HR/Benefits – Krysta Green, HR Assistant – 470-385-3721

Will my pay change?

Your pay will remain the same, the way your pay is calculated will change.

Will my pay frequency change? Will the bank that makes the payment/deposit change?

The frequency of your pay will not change but the bank that makes the payment will change.

Will the payroll company change?

Yes, ACP will implement Paycom which is an easy and efficient payroll platform to use.

Will I have two W2s for the next tax season?

No, you will not. When we transition payroll to Paycom, it will carry over the balances from the existing payroll system.

Will we continue to receive the same bonuses/incentives?

Bonuses and incentives may be subjected to revision by ACP to better reward the employees and streamline processes.

What holidays do you observe and what is your holiday pay policy?

• New Year’s Day (January 1)
• Memorial Day (last Monday in May)
• Independence Day (July 4)
• Labor Day (first Monday in September)
• Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November and the Friday following Thanksgiving)
• Christmas Day (December 25)

Will my health insurance change?

Not at this point. ACP will consider merging the benefits when it is time for renewal and if it is for the best interest of the parties.

Do you have a 401(k)?

Not at this time, but we are looking into some 401 options for 2022.

Will the vacation policy change? Will my vacation time carryover under the new ownership?

Yes, balances will stay as they are. There will be no changes in the vacation policy in the first 60 days. ACP’s corporate HR will review existing policies and may determine appropriate changes after 60 days from the closing date.

Will my sick leave benefits change?

There will be no changes to the sick leave policy in the first 60 days. ACP’s corporate HR will review existing policies and may determine appropriate changes after 60 days from the ownership change.

How will performance be evaluated?

Goals for each position will be determined in the future and performance will be evaluated towards these goals and employee contribution.

Will our dress code change?

There will be no changes to the dress code policy in the first 60 days. ACP’s corporate HR will review existing policies and may determine appropriate changes after 60 days from the ownership change.

Will you change the systems/software currently being used by Little Engine?

Yes, we will implement a new EMR called CubHub, and payroll will be changed to Paycom.

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