About Us

As one of Georgia’s leading pediatric and adult home care company, we were founded on the guiding precept of providing unsurpassed patient care and family service at all times.

Our History

In 2010, our three like-minded partners decided to start Advanced Care Partners, with the sole focus on changing the lives of under-served medically fragile families, caseworkers and caregivers. We believe due to this unwavering focus ACP has grown rapidly in Georgia. Our growth is a testament to our dedication to our families and employees — and we’re just getting started.

We keep our operations centralized out of a single office in metro Atlanta on purpose. It enables us to streamline communication to our valued families as well as to our nurses and CNAs in the field. Our humble beginnings allowed us to start the business from the bedside of the kiddos we care for, and riding along with our trusted caregivers. Our perspective of the business is not that of a major healthcare corporation but that of a hometown business that cares about our families and the communities we serve.

Meet Our Mascot, the Emperor Penguin

The Emperor Penguin is more than just a symbol to us; we’re inspired by this animal’s loving way of caring for and protecting its family and its young. The Emperor Penguin is one of the most committed and dedicated parents in the animal kingdom — just like we’re committed to our patients and families.

The ACP Difference

From the way we train our staff to the way we treat our families, we’re different than any other in-home care company in Georgia. At ACP, you’ll find the quality you’ve been looking for.

Our Team

Every member of our staff is highly qualified, professional and committed, from our home office to our passionate caregivers in the field. We can’t wait for you to meet them. 

Bert's Big Adventure

We give back to the community every chance we get. Recently, we partnered with Bert’s Big Adventure to bring a little joy to the lives of medically fragile kids, and help families understand the aid available to them.

We’re Dedicated to Continuous Improvement

Every ACP caregiver is trained on our proprietary continuous improvement and patient safety program: Flawless Execution. This training teaches our staff to pay attention to even the littlest details, no matter what. In addition, every ACP caregiver completes comprehensive respiratory training as well as a series of competency, nursing and written exams before joining our team. We believe this extra investment helps us attract and retain the highest caliber nurses available today.

Coverage Areas

We proudly serve families across the Metro Atlanta area and beyond — and we’re growing every day. Reach out to us today.