Wanda Brooks

Authorization Specialist 

My name is Wanda Brooks, I was born in Atlanta, GA. I’m the 3rd oldest of 7 children, I have one daughter and 3 grandsons.

I have 8 years of Home Healthcare Experience and out of 8 years preparing the GAPP Packets are the most interesting.

I heard that red heads have fun with hot of sauce. (fun). I enjoy fashion, dancing, sports and most of all I love going to church.

I have the most amazing family, me + my sistas are some kind of crazy people. Now, I like to talk about my new family at ACP, I have been here only 4 mos but it seems like I have been here a long time. I quietly laugh at the Schedulers all the time, these guys are so crazy. Now, I sit at the Fast Line, that’s what I named my area. I can tell a story about every person at ACP and it’s all fun.

My job is fun, interesting and I get the job done. ACP Rock!

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