ACP loves you all to the Antarctic and back! ❤️
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Happy Valentine’s Day! 🐧 💕

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ACP also would like to thank Sam from the bottom of our hearts
for her have shared so much love by writing such an
amazing poem about ACP.
Everyone at the Atlanta office was very touched and even more proud to have you and your most charming British accent in our team!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
We hope you have a day filled with lots of love! 🐧 💕

“My Husband dragged me and my girls to Atlanta,
For the American dream was what we were after,
We were totally unaware,
Of the adventures we would share,
And how our home would be filled with laughter!

As a pediatric RN from England,
Home care nursing I would try my hand,
I joined a new growing company ACP,
It seemed the perfect fit for me!

They welcomed my accent and British charm,
Like true Georgians with open arms,
Weekly meetings are always a hit,
As are the schedulers bagging nursing hours in the pit!

But visiting my caseload of kids and their families is truely the best,
Enduring Atlanta traffic, delivering supplies, lots of paperwork and changes, there is little rest!

The Emperor penguin is our awesome mascot,
That truely reflects ACP’s resillience & care a whole lot!
Caring for the medically fragile is no barrier or difficulty,
Becasue we at ACP are a loving hardworking family!!!”

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ACP February Campaign