Today is TBT or as most people refer to it, Throw Back Thursday!

So, join us as we venture back to one of the most enchanting evenings where one of our beloved Schedulers had the honor of witnessing a night to remember!

Chad relished in the opportunity to partake in the famous
“A Night to Shine” event sponsored by none other than the philanthropic Tim Tebow Foundation. The man and the Foundation are an advocate for the underserviced and medically fragile community, and this affair highlights them as prom kings and queens.

If you would like to learn more about this incredible event and view the embellishments of royalty that melted our hearts, please check out their Facebook page at:…

But first, check out the heart felt testimonial that Chad wrote articulating how enchanting that night was, not only for the children honored but to all who were in attendance of the phenomenal party! And to add icing to the cake, Chad said he had so much fun that he didn’t have time to take photos, whoa! Talk about a part-ay! 😊

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“A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending to A Night to Shine, an event sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation where medically fragile kids are celebrated as the kings and queens of prom.  Once a year, around the world, hundreds of participating churches throw a prom celebration for all of the medically fragile kiddos in the surrounding area.  Sometimes the parents will drive hundreds of miles to attend!

It was the best experience I’ve had in my life.  When they first started walking down the red carpet, the cheering from all of the fans of the event was booming. Everyone was so loud and so supportive, and the kids were running down the red carpet with the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen.  Many people cried, grown ups and kids alike. I saw 2 of my families that I staff outside of the event there, and it was so heartwarming to see them there, it was one of the many highlights of my night.

There were dance parties inside, pictures, face paintings, and I had the honor of helping out with Karaoke, the talk of the Prom!  We had easily over a hundred participants, and they all had a blast!  I even sang with one or two kiddos, and they had better voices than I did!

When the event was over, I actually did not want to leave.  Everyone had an incredible time, and you could tell that everyone put everything they could to ensure that these kids had the time of their life.  And I can tell you from my perspective, they most definitely did.”

Chad Watson.