She’s a Rockstar! 

“We honestly don’t know what we would do without her.”

Savannah is an amazing Certified Nursing Assistant and she recently completed her first year as part of the ACP family.

Due to her commitment and frequent compliments shared by the family that she works with, Savannah was most deservedly named as our April’s Caregiver of the Month! We are very proud of the relationships that are built between our caregivers and their patient’s families and Savannah and Christian are one of our best examples. Read below the lovely testimonial that Julie, Christian’s mom, sent us regarding Savannah’s outstanding performance.

“Savannah is always by Cristian’s side.  She has been such an amazing help to us during this crazy time of quarantine.  Always putting Cristian’s needs first and always asking us if we don’t feel comfortable with her in the home to just let her know.

Savannah has helped me with every single PT, OT, and ABA telehealth appt. Which as you can imagine we as parents are having to be the therapists pretty much while the actual therapist watches us do all the exercises with Cristian.
She has thrived in helping us!

Not to mention, Cristian recently got a new augmentative communication device given to us and since we have no help with learning about the program since it was given to us… she has helped me set it up so that Cristian can learn to communicate better.

She knows Cristian just like he was her child, and I just recently overheard my husband saying to her I’m glad u know him so well and knew exactly what he needed!  My husband has been at home working for the last month, so he hasn’t gotten to see until now just how amazing she is with Cristian.

She will walk Cristian down to the cul-de-sac every shift and blow bubbles with him till his heart’s content.  This exercise for him is huge!! It melted my heart. We honestly don’t know what we would do without her.  She helps me with so much and goes home and takes care of her own family.  She is a rockstar.”

That is amazing!
The ACP family is the luckiest to have a one of a kind caregiver like Savannah in our team.
Congratulations, Savannah on winning this prestigious award, and thank you for everything you do!

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