PPEC Daycare Kiddo of the Month!

Hi ACP Family!

We are thrilled to present the first Kiddo of the Month
from our PPEC facility in Florida.

Meet our dearest Jonathan!

Jonathan with Veerly and Brittany, Speech and Behavior Therapists (above) and
his favorite nurse Melina and Behavior Therapist David (below).

Jonathan is very special and loved by everyone at our PPEC Center.

He just turned 17 last December and, although Down Syndrome is one of his traits, this is by no means is the characteristic that most defines him!

Jonathan communicates with the help of a device that allows him to choose what to eat, drink, and play with his favorite toys. During the day, he receives speech therapy at the Center, and we are proud to say that he is making huge strides since starting at the PPEC.

We remember when he had a difficult time expressing his wants and needs, but now he has improved tremendously!

Around the Center, everyone clears the way for him to participate in his favorite task: vacuuming! He walks around with the biggest smile on his face while doing his favorite pastime. Just like everyone else, Jonathan loves to eat, play with his musical toys, teddy bears, and building blocks.

 We are so lucky to have him as part of our ACP family!

Jonathan, we love you! Congrats on being our first Kiddo of the Month!

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