Leo, The Lovely Visitor!

The days of the ACP Family are always filled with love and joy every time one of our patients visits us at the office!

Our most beloved Leo popped in to give us a warm hello! On behalf of the entire ACP Family, we can guarantee that nothing makes us happier than having the opportunity to get to know our kiddos a little more and to connect with them. On this visit, we were able to find out that Leo is passionate about windows and vents!

Larissa and Sierra, members of our Operations Team, were the ones who didn’t spare any efforts to make Leo feel at home. Sierra gave Leo one of our cutest Penguin-Winter-Hats, and Larissa made sure to open all the curtains so Leo could have a really great time watching all the nature outside.

The ACP Family would like to say the biggest thank you to Kate, Leo’s mom, for stopping by and making our day brighter and joyful with Leo’s energy!

Leo & Kate, the ACP Family loves you!

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