Hey there! We’re glad you came to join us!

Can you believe how fast time passes? It feels like yesterday that the entire ACP Family was gathered to celebrate all the 2018 achievements!

With many lessons learned, obstacles overcome, goals achieved, the ACP Family earned a night to enjoy each other’s company and to celebrate the conclusion of the year.

Welcome to our 2018 Holiday Party!

We had so much fun!

We shared priceless moments of laughter, a delicioso Brazilian BBQ, and pure enjoyment with all the family from the Atlanta office together.

In case you didn’t  know, Greice, our Co-Founder and CEO, is originally from Brazil.
Brasil (yes, with a S) is an immensely large country and each state is famous for a specific traditional dish. In fact, Brazilian Southerners have a popular reputation for making the best Brazilian barbecue.
And we have put that reputation to the test!!!
That’s why it was with great excitement that we chose the Brazilian Stakehouse Chama Gaúcha to learn more about the Brazilian cuisine, culture, and uniqueness through the Brazilian way of barbecue, along with many other typical dishes.

And just to cure any curiosity, the literal translation of “Chama Gaúcha” is Southern Flame. So… you know this party was LIT!!!

The perfect restaurant was not the only highlight of the evening!

Our fearless leader outdid herself! Greice not only took us to this amazing churrascaria to share her beautiful culture, but she also invited a real life Capoeira group to perform this incredible dance, which is a mix of martial art movements and other dance movements. This combination of Brazilian and African cultures invites everyone to participate in the performance.
Capoeira Maculelê Decatur brightened up our evening by showing us that capoeira is just a tidbit of the culture Brazil has to offer!

The ACP Family was mesmerized!

Oh! Look at this!

We could not close our night in a better way.
The ACP defined, through a vote among all members of the Atlanta office, the Employee of the Year winners, Clinical MVP, “The Pit” (aka Scheduling) MVP, and Operations MVP!

To check all the winners you can click here!

The night of December 20th, 2018 was truly unforgettable in our hearts. Remembering these moments and sharing our feelings with you has made this celebration even more meaningful to all of us.

The ACP Family always wants to make sure everyone knows that YOU are the most important part of this family!
We never would have conquer all of the obstacles in 2018 without people like you. After all, our goal at ACP is to work hard towards providing a excellent service for our patients, caregivers, and office members. Everyone is part of our ACP family!

Thank you!