At Advanced Care Partners we are serious about alignment. We recently engaged Afterburner (a globally renowned performance improvement company), to update and to iterate our annual strategy and daily action plans to ensure our company knows what is most important, to our families and our team. The by-product of this ongoing work sets clear expectations and accountability in our homes and facilities.
Below is what guides our actions at ACP.

ACP’s Identity Statement

ACP exudes clinical and operational excellence through the characteristics of its mascot, the Emperor Penguin, we are committed, caring and vigilant.

Organization Principles

We have a family company culture that values each other’s opinion
We encourage communication
with an open-door policy.
We go above and beyond
in every encounter
We provide a single-point of accountability with professional support
We are professionals by holding each other to the highest standards

We are very glad with this HDD workshop by how much Afterburner helped us realizing that all improvements are possible, all goals are achievable when we work with objectivity and that provide above-expected results must always be a daily objective, especially when we have such a unique motivation with us and an inexhaustible source of strength and hope: our children, young people and adults.

Advanced Care Partners is eager for everyone to see our growth, our improvements and our plans put into practice for 2019 and coming years.