You probably have realized by now that the ACP Family loves to get together for several celebrations around a delicious cake! And sometimes… more than only one cake 😉⠀

This time we were celebrating the birthday of two very dear and industrious people from our Atlanta office. As we used to say, Rob is the guy who has all the answers to all the problems – no exceptions!!! We definitely do not know what we would do without him! ⠀

And Ms. Wanda, the most stylish lady that this world has ever seen! We have a lot of fun realizing that her closet is infinite, and that no piece of clothing is ever repeated. ⠀
We love these two so much! ⠀

And as just two birthdays were not enough to share so many pieces of cake, we also celebrated the arrival of three amazing women to our Clinical Team! Andi, Esther and Philomena, welcome to the ACP Family! 🐧❤️🎉⠀