How many events can ACP fit into only one party??? We never know because we really are always overcoming ourselves!!! 🎉
This time the Atlanta office was even busier than usual due to our Weekly Meeting on Mondays, and since we were all at the office
we could happily gather ourselves to celebrate the birthday of the Scheduler who always wears funny socks, Jayson!
And we also celebrated Carrie’s 3-year Anniversary
as a Clinical Supervisor!
But in the middle of the celebrations, the ACP Family also used the moment to say goodbye to our beloved Harnak from the Recruiting Team. Harnak, we wish you all the best of luck in your new profession and we are already missing you!
From the ACP family we want to say; Jayson, Happy Birthday and know that we love your crazy socks collection! Carrie, thank you so much for all your love, hard-work and dedication! Harnak, when the Texas heat gets unbearable, we’ll be waiting for you to come and visit us. ACP is very fortunate to have you guys on our team! 🐧💖
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