Bryce, The Tennis PLayyer!

Meet Bryce!

Our professional tennis player in the making and soon to be very successful!

Bryce has been part of the ACP Family since 2018 and each and everyday,
he has been living up to the superstar that he is. He was born with several
diagnosis’s such as Craniofacial Dysostosis and respiratory difficulties,
but none of these minor setbacks have prevented him from growing happy and healthy!

If you think tennis is Bryce’s only passion, think again as there is much more to come! He is in love with the game of bowling and is even participating in a bowling league! GO BRYCE!

It’s completely safe to say that Bryce is one of the most active boys
that ACP knows!

In addition to his tennis obsession, Bryce loves to play Fortnite (of course), just like all the other boys at this age! But among all of his favorite things to do, we believe that Bryce really has the most fun sharing moments at school between his two best buds, David and Miles.

A little birdie even told us that Bryce has a very pretty girlfriend! But we will wait for a few more years until he introduces us  ????

Seen in the pictures above, please meet our beloved nurse Desiree, Bryce’s industrious caregiver and a loyal partner to ACP! According to Desiree, Bryce loves eating Flaming Doritos and Zaxby’s, like the rest of the free world! But funny enough, we heard that he is liable to trade his own loving sister for a delicious piece of pizza!

ACP can relate as to how much we LOVE pizza, Bryce! But we’d like to make a gentle suggestion that you can easily have your pizza and eat it too!! No need to choose between family and pepperoni?!

The ACP Family would like to thank Bryce’s Mom, Esther, for sending us these
awesome photos. Having the opportunity to see Bryce enjoying his tennis game really made our day!


Bryce, we love you!

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