Anthony Fisher

Client Services Supervisor

I was born and raised in Albany, GA. Upon graduating high school, I moved to Atlanta where I pursued and completed a Bachelors of Arts in Religious Studies at Georgia State University.  I credit my degree path for fostering in me a deeper sense of awareness that set me on a path of self discovery and, in turn, increased my desire to better understand and communicate with the world around me.  I seek to be of the greatest utility and service to others by operating at my best and truest self.

I am the son of a first-generation Filipino American.  To stay connected to my Filipino heritage, I spend much of my spare time cooking and baking the food that my mother and my grandmother grew up eating.  When I am not at ACP in dress shoes and a button-down shirt, you can find me in my kitchen wearing sneakers, a pair of joggers, and a t-shirt tucked behind a chef’s apron where I prepare and sell Filipino breads and baked goods to help remind so many others of a place called home!

I am also a writer, book club curator, activist, Old School R&B junkie, serial podcast listener, learner, and Hip-Hop head.

I am a dad to the most brilliant, free-spirited child this side of the Mississippi and husband to a master creator and all-around extraordinary woman.

Being a part of the ACP family means being able to do meaningful work and leaving a lasting positive impact.. just a couple of things that I absolutely live for!

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