ACP is so overjoyed to finally announce the 2018 Caregiver of the Year!!! Wohoo…what a year!
Without further ado, the grand prize goes to……. Sorry! We can’t reveal the winner just yet but you can watch the video attached below in anticipation to find out the lucky lady or fellow!
We would like to thank all of our esteemed Clinicians who were Caregiver of the Month winners during the 2018 year! We sincerely appreciate your supreme excellence and hardworking attitude!
You all ROCK!
One of the ACP’s biggest trademarks is to always motivate our caregivers to go above and beyond for our beloved kiddos, and our winner certainly displayed exemplary care and such an unforgettable demeanor. The grand prize is a 3-day, all expense paid cruise to the Bahamas! It’s the least of what ACP can do to say THANK YOU! 

Congratulations to the Winner!!!!! 🐧 💛 🏆

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Click HERE (or on CC’s picture) to watch the full video!!!