This week the ACP family had an incredible special celebration!
We had our 1st Monthly Birthday Bash for the January Birthday Caregivers! Each month we will celebrate with our hard-working and dedicated Caregivers with a birthday event, to show our most sincere appreciation for all that you do here at ACP.
The ACP Family from the Atlanta office gathered to warmly welcome our dearest Shernell Aljuboori, who came to join and celebrate with us another year of life full of lessons learned and plenty successes!
Speaking of success, in addition to her birthday (January 13th), we were also able to cherish her most recent achievement of completing her Registered Nurse Certificate!
Shernell, It was an honor to have you with us to get the conversation up to date, so that you could put faces to all the names that you were already familiar with and that you could also meet all our new members! It was an incredible and unforgettable celebration.
Thank you so much for coming! 🐧💙
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Check it out the full video of this amazing moment of ACP Family celebrating with Shernell![0]=68.ARCXCuBLgglU-kG1xxMYVFGrhs5lt_dsU04gQCkoLx-9Ktw4ri3j4qNcb4eVj4O02fwJAkVjV4aUQtgqYjhKUYb35VfmtmMS7m8rz_GANE1yEk9MycZKDzWYkEIW-eNotjfrwSpg895Vbxk8PQfr9f0w2H7QDtxYxlnSA47jgEzCN6jn9D8qjoo8ZI5IgOJEpundFZ8XR2wV4L2AYafzDtCtm_WF0TC6d-eeueEzLK4pxbe_E4sdibtEEaC8zy07M9MVtKrPxPtZ71xwGnRFZkDIdBjAWlW-Bqu1SCThu-7o0oYaGc2L_Wj5OvDz-xKNCMyBOqvwKyQeAe0Hz4GeR_xMyvimXrNNYvFJLQ&__tn__=-R