From Our Caregivers

Here we share some of many testimonials from our wonderful dedicated caregivers.

“ACP is a one of a kind home health agency. Two months ago, I started my first assignment and I love what I do every day! The ACP office is always helpful and quick to respond to our nursing needs. Case manager, Erin Smith, is wonderful too. She follows up with her nurses and patients frequently. Andrew in scheduling is also very helpful and really cares about his nurses and patients. This has been a great learning experience for me and I’m happy to be part of the ACP family!”

K. Martin
LPN – 2019

“ACP is the BEST company to work with. I have been with them for almost a year & wouldn’t change anything. They care so much about the kids, the individuals, their families & their staff.”

G. Hodgin
LPN – 2019

“ACP is like family for me. You can lean on them when you need to. I have been with this company since 2013 and have seen them grow exponentially. I love how they put nurses and patients first in a balance that makes sure that you are placed in the right assignment. They are quick to fill your schedule when a patient is hospitalized and these factors helps the nurse and the patient succeed. My favorite part of my days are when I call my scheduler Chad and give him a hard time. (But seriously he is very good at handling my availability) I just love how down to earth everyone is and I love being a part of this family!”

N. Wheeling
LPN – 2019

“I have been with ACP for a short time, and I absolutely love it. It takes a special person to become a nurse, but to be a a nurse in the home setting, it takes a kind, gentle and caring human with a big heart, open arms with a lot of patience and dedication. These are just some of the many values that I have learned and conquered with ACP.
I have been given the opportunity to fill my heart with love and emotions as I accompany patients to school and advocate for them and their specific needs. (…)

I am grateful that ACP allows me to represent them as a Registered Nurse because I wake up every morning knowing that patients and families depend on me. Also, ACP has allowed me to advance my skills and knowledge by offering many classes where I get to learn from other home health nurses with many years of experience. Being a home nurse requires hard work and it takes dedication to build an everlasting relationship with your patient and their family. Children need stability and structure and that is what families with fragile kiddos need it, and I am so grateful that I can provide that. Thank you ACP for allowing me to spread love in various households and settings.”

A. Rajwani
RN – 2019


“I have been with ACP for 5 years as a nurse. I love working with each child and family. I have been a nurse for 35 years and the communication between home nurse and the office nurses is like no other company.  Then 3 years ago almost to this date, my grandson became a patient at the Children’s. He required nursing to be able to come home. When we had to choose a company to come help my own family, we never gave it a second thought, ACP was the one we went with. To have co-workers in our very personal business, our home and the emotions that come with bringing a child home that needs extra help, I really did get to see how professional everyone is. When it is your own family you no longer think like a nurse you are in family mode. The support and nursing care received was like no other. I know I said it to the staff before and will a million times over, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

D. Pozowics
LPN – 2019

“I have been with ACP since August. And I can say this company not only cares for its clients, but really cares for its staff as well. I had to have surgery recently and I receive phone call’s from staff members frequently to check on my progress. I also received a get well card signed by the office staff.
That really meant the world to me.
I love my ACP Family.”

T. Griffin
LPN – 2019


“I’ve been with ACP for almost a year. I love how they put the patients first. The flexible hours allow us time to make sure our patients are a right fit without compromising care. My goal is to always ensure my patients receive quality care , and working with ACP has helped me deliver that . Orientation was the best and such a smooth transition ! I’m really glad I work for this company!”

J. Joseph
LPN – 2019


From the first day that I spoke to ACP, I immediately felt the warmth and sincereness of ACP in their goals to provide the best care possible to our patients and their families while maintaining professional and caring relationships with all staff.”

T. O’Brien


“I love ACP because they’re genuine, caring people. My first time visiting the office, I felt a sense of love and family. You can feel the energy in the atmosphere and it was pure. They really care. They listen to what their nurses say and their needs. I’ve never had this feeling from any other company I’ve worked for.



“I’ve worked in home health for 19 years and have worked for several companies. ACP is the only company that recognizes a nurse monthly and yearly for their hard work and dedication. I love working for ACP — they care about me. ACP listens to me when I have a concern. ACP offers competitive pay and benefits. ACP, you’re the best and thanks for all you do!

D. Hurt


“I’d like to let you know how proud I am to be an ACP field nurse. I was recruited by Mr. Monn in January 2014 via the internet and the rest is history. I remember on orientation day how impressed I was with the company. I liked how warming and organized things were, and how the partners of ACP were there to introduce themselves to us. I’ve always enjoyed being a pediatric home-health nurse but ACP has allowed me to enjoy it even more. So that’s why I’d like to take this time to say thank you and wish you many more years of success and please keep up the good work for us nurses, our little kiddos and their families. God’s blessings to you all.

K. Kiezer


Oh, and may I just say how great it is to work for a company that is so personable! I really look forward to my future with ACP and all that it has in store! 

M. English



Thank You so Much for your Kindness and Great Hospitality. I look forward to working with the ACP Team. I felt very welcomed from the first interview to the orientation day. You have a Great Team! 

Sonia C.



From Our Patients

“My family wishes to express our heartfelt appreciation for the kindness and excellent care that we receive from your employee S. Love. Her sensitivity and support has helped us, and my son A. since the first day she walked in our home and through what has been an exceedingly difficult couple of weeks, with what seemed like endless hours, without her dedication and true commitment to my son’s health I am not sure how my family could have been able to cope without having him hospitalized. She is beyond exceptional! The recent illnesses that we experienced was stressful. We are so grateful, and we appreciate her competent and reassuring care. I see that Advanced Care Partners recognizes employees and I really think that S. Love is an employee that goes beyond her duties and cares for her patients. For the parents that have difficulty getting skilled nursing hours we depend on the personal care support! It is exceedingly difficult transitioning from being able to care for you child alone to having to become dependent on needing aid to keep your child and family safe and healthy! I honestly do not know how I could have gotten through the last 7 months without S.! Some days seem physically exhausting and emotionally draining, but she does not let these difficulties affect her performance . She has handle this unpredictable chaos with the utmost agility, grace, and professionalism! Once again, I wanted to let you know that we are extremely grateful to Advanced Care Partners and the care and support you give to our family.”

H. Dunn
Mother – 2019


“I appreciate ACP. I appreciate that when a conflict requires tough decisions, you choose to meet the needs of your clients. This company is different from all the others.  I understand very little about business, but I do understand people. I believe that you are in a unique position as both a compassionate person and the company leader who can work within this crazy Medicaid system to do what no one else (that I know) has been able to do. This latest decision only further confirms my belief in ACP and your potential to do great things for people who need your services, from babies to adults. C. Moore and her family are proud to be your first COMP clients. We want to have your staff for many, many years to come. And if there is anything I can do to help ACP, I want to do that. I’ve written testimonials, recommended your company to other families, and tried to give your staff feedback to help them see the “family perspective.” I will continue to be a supporter, and the fact that we can get through the challenges of the last year make me optimistic that we can work through any problem that may come. Thank you again for all you mean to my family.”

P. Walley
Mother – 2019

“My grandson will be 3 tomorrow! That means ACP has been caring for him for over 2 years now. My regular nurses have all been wonderful; they’re like part of the family now. They all do a great job, not just with medical care, but also helping with therapy, teaching him letters, numbers, reading and playing, taking him for walks, and on and on. They’re trustworthy and good stewards of resources and supplies. And the home office staff deserves a lot of credit. I would recommend ACP to anyone who needs home nursing and personal care support for their kids.”

N. Byers


“Advanced Care Pediatrics has provided us with the support and care that our son deserves. We’ve received services from multiple agencies throughout our years as a special needs family but ACP has been the most responsive, quickest to provide needed support, and has made sure that we, as parents, feel valued and respected. Not only is our son provided with exceptional care by his ACP nurse, office staff maintain regular contact with us, whether he’s in the hospital or at home, to ensure his care is continuous and without disruption.”

L. Sutton


“I wanted to truly thank ACP for everything! The care, communication, professionalism has been beyond my expectations. I am so thankful for your services that was provided, and excited for those to follow receive care through ACP. It has been great experience!

M. Hammonds



“My family wishes to express our heartfelt appreciation for the kindness and excellent care that we receive from Sydney Love (CNA). Her sensitivity and support has helped us and my son since the first day she walked in our home… I honestly do not know how I could have gotten through the last 7 months without Sydney!”

H. Dunn



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